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Intertraco spa

Specialists, first and foremost

At Intertraco we believe that a good supplier contributes to its customers' success by offering the highest level of expertise in its own product. Our goal is to work closely with our partners and offer them a comprehensive range of fully tested products that can be trusted to respond to the most varied and complex requirements and demands of the market. Our target market consists of earth moving, mobile, mining and industrial machinery sectors: all manufacturers and distributors, in every one of the 50 markets in which we operate worldwide, believe that the quality of a machine is based on the quality of its individual components.

Our history

Intertraco was established in 1979 in Suzzara (Mantova) as a Company specialising in components for mechanical and hydraulic power transmission.

It was in the Eighties that the company began to focus mainly on the hydraulic market, designing and developing “fluid connectors” components that convey fluid under pressure; fittings for flexible hoses, quick release couplings, adaptors, swivel joints and valves.

During the last 20 years Intertraco has continued to invest in technology to ensure the products maintain performance, reliability and quality essential to today’s hydraulic customer. Equally Intertraco recognizes the need to work in partnership with customers to clearly understand their requirements that leads to efficiency, stability and satisfaction.

Intertraco is now working with a worldwide customer base and has introduced new designs and standards that provide International conformance and compatibility. A strong technical capability and product innovation increase our market competitiveness and allow us to offer our customers reliable solutions and a professional service.

Continued investment in both research and development for new production techniques, together with a long-term commitment to customers and employees provide the base for the successful development of the Intertraco group.

Stefano Bertazzoni